[SOLVED] TP-Link Discovery Process

Hi All,

Raspi Pi 4
Openhab 2.5

Not sure if there is something wrong or if it’s by design so I thought I’d ask. I only have one plug in right now (HS 105), but do have more that were hooked up in the fall. I was doing some troubleshooting for another area when I came across the TP-Link binding that runs the discovery process every 1-2 minutes. Is this normal or is something out of the ordinary? Thanks.

Switch garageTV "Garage TV" {channel="tplinksmarthome:hs105:57ABA6:switch"}
2020-02-12 05:16:54.892 [DEBUG] [rnal.TPLinkSmartHomeDiscoveryService] - Start scan for TP-Link Smart devices.
2020-02-12 05:17:01.902 [DEBUG] [rnal.TPLinkSmartHomeDiscoveryService] - Discovering poller timeout...
2020-02-12 05:17:30.715 [DEBUG] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Running scheduled sync job
2020-02-12 05:18:01.912 [DEBUG] [rnal.TPLinkSmartHomeDiscoveryService] - Start scan for TP-Link Smart devices.
2020-02-12 05:18:08.922 [DEBUG] [rnal.TPLinkSmartHomeDiscoveryService] - Discovering poller timeout...

That is normal. It is also used to recover from changed ip addresses.

Awesome thanks for getting back so quickly!