[SOLVED] Transformation MQTT Paper UI

Hi all,
I installed openhabian on a R Pi 4 4GB.
Installed JSON and Javascript transformation.
I want to transform the value of tasmota temperature sensor from the Paper UI config.

Can do you help me?
What I’m wrong?

TnX to all


First you don’t need the Javascript config

Second the temperature information sent by the Tasmota is in this topic:

Third, I could give you the rest of the solution but you wouldn’t learn anything.
So, what it the JSON sent by the tasmota device?

then find out the JSONPATH transformation by playing on www.jsonpath.com

As far as I know a MQTT topic doesn’t allow whitespaces. There is a whitespace in your configuration @Jademic
Try to remove it and report please

TnX, I’m tryng to read the JSONPATH, I know, the solution is behind the corner, but not so easy for me.


No more white space from Status and 8, but nothing change.

I tried different way like that …

but still nothing.

Show us a screen shot of your tasmota MQTT set-up.
Then post the actual JSON string that the tasmota sends, please. We really need that


State topic: tele/Termostato/SENSOR

Incoming transformation:

That’s it.

See: www.jsonpath.com to explore jsonpath

I hade try also this solution, but I thought it didn’t work and even now that you suggested the solution it didn’t work initially, then I opened a new browser page instead of updating it and now it works.
Thanks so much