[SOLVED] Transition from one Zwave-Stick to another (how to?)

i’m moving forward to another USBStick in order to see if some issues I’m having will vanish (hopefully).

How does it work? I simply insert each zwave device towards the new stick, so the old relation is removed automatically from the old Stick? As otherwise it would be rather complicated to visit each device and remove first the old and try to connect to the new STICK?

Regards, and thanks for your expertise! Norbert

Are you moving to the same brand and model of USB stick? If so, software is available to backup and restore for some of the brands…


no. its different brand. will have to re-insert all devices. my wuestion is if i simply bind with new stick and by itself the previous binding is removed?

Moving from one Zwave Stick to another really has no affect on the actual Zwave Binding other than perhaps having to change your port configuration.

But you the BIGGER issue is having to move your devices from one stick too another. if your going with a different brand with no back up options, your only real option to is to exclude each device from your current Zwave Controller, and then to Add them to the new one.

This of course will possibly they give you different Node information for each device in OH2. So My recommendation would be to:

  1. Remove all Zwave items and the Controller from OH2.
  2. Manually remove all devices from your current ZWave controller.
  3. Add them to the new one.
  4. Then re-add the new ZWave controller to OH2 and scan for devices.

You may also need to manually delete the Node.xml info from OH2. I’m not certain if that gets removed when you remove a device from within OH2.

sorry - when writing “binding” i already thought that someone could mis-interpret my comment.
binding I ment the link between devices and controller. So the ZWAVE binding is clear - it most probably will have to change the COM port if required at all.

Are you sure that a removal is required. My hope is that a new insert would over-write the old “link” and not make required a removal before. Regards Norbert

You don’t need to remove the existing devices. You can (a) add your new controller to the existing network/controller, thus making it a secondary controller on the same network - this copies all your devices over the new controller - and then (b) use the “controller shift” function to make the newly added controller the primary controller - see the thread Z-Wave Stick Migration (via Z-Wave “Controller Shift” feature).

I have recently migrated from a Zwave.me stick to an Aeotec stick.

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