[SOLVED] Trigger ChannelType 'itemType' must not be null or empty

using latest openhab-addons master branch I now have this error when OH starts:

The XML document '/OH-INF/thing/channels.xml' in module 'org.openhab.binding.openwebnet' could not be parsed: ChannelType 'itemType' must not be null or empty.

the problem is on a Trigger channel type where there is no itemType defined, but this used to be ok until now.

Has something chenged in the parsing of channel-type definitions?

If yes this requires an update to all Trigger channels that have no itemType.
Docs should also be updated (there is no itemType in the example)

It‘s a bug and a fix is already on the way. I recommend downgrading.

issue #2831 was closed and the problem disappeared, thanks


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