[SOLVED] Trouble setting up Hue in the Things / Items files - connection in Paper UI so far

Hi! I did my best following the guide provided via the link in the binding: http://docs.openhab.org/addons/bindings/hue/readme.html
but after 4 - 5 h i am still lost.
I did manage to pair the bridge with my system and managed to read out the userName from the log file. (i assume its without the ’ at the beginning and the end - like ‘klel209840’ -> klel209840, right?
My sitemap shows a switch but the hue bulb doesn’t react.
here is my files:


Bridge hue:bridge:001788xxxcxxxx [ ipAddress="192.168.xxx.xx", userName="whateverthelogtoldme" WZ_Hue_Esstisch [ lightId="9" ]

my items file:

Switch  WZ_Toggle_Hue_Esstisch          "Hue Esstisch"                  <hue>                   (GrWZ)  {channel="hue:0210:1:WZ_Hue_Esstisch:color"}
Dimmer  WZ_Dimmer_Hue_Esstisch          "Hue Esstisch"                  <hue>                   (GrWZ)  {channel="hue:0210:1:WZ_Hue_Esstisch:color"}
Color   WZ_Color_Hue_Esstisch           "Hue Esstisch"                  <hue>                   (GrWZ)  {channel="hue:0210:1:WZ_Hue_Esstisch:color"}
Dimmer  WZ_ColorTemp_Hue_Esstisch       "Hue Esstisch"                  <hue>                   (GrWZ)  {channel="hue:0210:1:WZ_Hue_Esstisch:color_temperature"}
String  WZ_Alert_Hue_Esstisch           "Hue Esstisch"                  <hue>                   (GrWZ)  {channel="hue:0210:1:WZ_Hue_Esstisch:alert"}
Switch  WZ_Effect_Hue_Esstisch          "Hue Esstisch"                  <hue>                   (GrWZ)  {channel="hue:0210:1:WZ_Hue_Esstisch:effect"}


sitemap default label="Wohnzimmer"
     Switch item=WZ_Toggle_TV_Sound label="Anlage"
     Switch item=WZ_Toggle_TV label="TV Power"
     Switch item=WZ_Toggle_Hue_Esstisch label="Hue Esstisch"

This doesn’t work for me … :frowning:

Do you have any advice?

Thank you!

The syntax of your .things file seems incorrect, please try this:

Bridge hue:bridge:001788xxxcxxxx [ ipAddress="192.168.xxx.xx", userName="whateverthelogtoldme" ] {
	0210 WZ_Hue_Esstisch [ lightId="9" ]

And in .items the bridge ID should match what you defined in things.


should become


(you could also simply call it “1” in the .things file)

the syntax in things was right, it was just a copy/paste mistake from me.

i did try it with bridge id 1 but i thought it has to be what’s in the paper ui.
I tried it with 1 now in the things and items file.
now it shows my all my lamps again in the inbox.
i recognized this behaviour before. Is there an easy way to get rid of the duplicates? (i activated item linking simple mode).

or is it even possible to create rules and sitemaps with the items and things created in the paper ui? (i think i read it’s not). but how to handle the duplicates then? delete the old ones from paper ui?

or will they merge if i chose the same bridge id? (or is this not a good idea? :wink: )

Okay. i got it working (recognized that the Toggle_ was to much in the Things definition as well).

Only question left: how to handle the duplicates (lamps that were added via paper ui due to simple linking mode).

It doesn’t update my switch, when i turn on/off the light with my hue app … is this normal?

I only use PaperUI to install add-ons so I don’t know for sure, but I think it can create things and items from the UI so you don’t need to do it in a text file. I guess you can either delete the items created in PaperUI or the ones in your text file. (someone please correct me if that’s not the case)

No, it should show the actual state of the light after a few seconds. If you refresh the sitemap, does it show the correct state?

Same for me.

Hi, thanks for your answers.
I created new items in the items file although paper ui did create all the lamps. do i need to do this or can i adress the lights in the rules directly? (It would save a lot of effort if that would be possible). I guess i’ll try.
hmm it doesn’t change the state when controlling the light via hue app. (i checked the log - nothing is recongnized when i turn it off with my iphone for instance).

Do you have a rule where you set the color of one hue bulb? i would like to send the rgb value.
PS: It does finally update the slider (although it takes more than a minute)

Sorry I don’t have such a rule. You have to convert RGB to HSB, there are some examples in the forum, e.g