[SOLVED] Trying to get Xiaomi gateway into developer mode, no "Mainland China" option

Hi all, I just purchased a Xiaomi Gateway v3 and trying to follow tutorials on enabling developer mode.

First thing they all say to do is get the Mi Home app (I’m running iOS). I installed the app successfully.

Next step is the create an account and then set the location to “Mainland China”. Here’s were I’m having trouble.

The version of the app I have requires you to choose a location when creating an account, the only similar option in the list is “China” and when I choose that, parts of the Ui convert to Chinese and the only option you have is to use a Chinese phone number to register an account (email field disappears). A piece of text also pops up saying you can’t change your location after creating an account.

Has the software changed recently? Am I in the wrong app? Do I just create an account in USA then can change it to “Mainland China” in the app?

If you want to see for yourself, the app is now literally using this URL to create an account, exactly the same thing shows in Chrome:

Help appreciated.


OMFG just worked it out. There’s a half obstructed “United st…” up the top right corner of the screen, click on that and can choose Mainland China.

OK so exact steps (on iOS at least) are:

  1. Get Mi Home app from app store.
  2. Create a Xiaomi account either on their web site or through the app. It doesn’t appear to matter what location you set your account to, I used USA.
  3. Click where it kind of says United States in top right corner (I guess could be whatever your country is)
  4. Choose “Mainland China” from that menu.
  5. Login to the app using the Xiaomi account you just created.
  6. Looks like once you’re into the app you can change location to other places etc.