[SOLVED] Two Endpoints on one device, RGBW, controlling white Channel - ZigBee, FLS-PP IP

I’am using the Ti CC2531 USB Dongle with the the Firmware CC2530ZNP-SB.
Controling ballasts like the Osram Lightify Bulbs (Warm White, RGBW, Plugs) and the Dresden Elektronic - FLS-PP IP.
While I’am changing the colors, I can’t turn on the “white” color with the fourth channel of the RGBW ballast.

The FLS-PP IP is using two endpoints for color and the white channel!
One as Extened color light, for the RGB colors
and a second Endpoint on the same device/ballast as Dimmable light for the “white” color!

Got the second endpoint for each Device and registered with them.
Each endpoint has its own Clusters per device.
Controlling with endpoint “10” the color and with endpoint “11” the Level for the white channel.

Problem solved!