[SOLVED] Ubiquiti UVC Cams - show feed in habpanel?

Hi All,

I was wondering - is it possible to show a feed or updating pictures in HabPanel from my Ubiquiti Surveilliance Cams?
It would be nice if I somehow could get a live feed from my cams or update a picture stream every 5 second or so.

Currently I use the UVC-G3 cams and the NVR for recording.

If anyone out there has a nice solution using the cams from Ubiquiti, please let me know.

I don’t have the Ubiquiti UVC but I use BlueIris. You have to know if your system exposes a URL for the stream, or an image snapshot. You can use iframes, template, or image widget.

For the image widget, just use your snapshot image as the URL, and have it refresh using the interval setting. If your camera has an MJPG url, you can use that as the URL with interval setting as 0.


Hey Lucky,
Thanks for getting back to me.

I can from the NVR set up a restream that does an RTSP stream. Currently I have a RPi3 that fetches those streams and shows a live feed on from my cams.
I just followed this https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Video/Tutorial-Raspberry-Pi-Camera-Viewer/m-p/1329668#M44165

But you think it would work with a Widget and then the rtsp link?

Unfortunately, browsers cannot render a RTSP stream without additional plugins (like VLC). Doing a quick Google search, I found that your system has a jpeg snapshot capability (called JPEG pull in security camera terms): https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Video/JPEG-Snapshots-Over-HTTP-command-or-firmware/td-p/1673480

You basically use that URL as your “stream”. HABPanel has an image widger and an interval setting to refresh the image. This becomes a “pseudo” video since it will refresh at that interval. For the interval, you can use seconds or milliseconds. If you want ‘fps’ just use this formula for the milliseconds: 1000/fps. For example, if you want 30fps, it will be 1000/30, so you set the interval to 33 milliseconds.


Nice! Thanks man - that was exactly what I was looking for. I don’t know why I have screwed my seach on google so much, but this did the trick!

Happy new year!

btw. Does anyone know how “tough” it is with the network / RPi3 when doing this like every second or every 5 second?

It’s the UI (browser/client) doing the pull, not openHAB, so the burden will be on your network and client only.

Thanks much appreciated!