[SOLVED] UDP Binding failes with warning

Hi there. I am trying a very simple udp binding.
However during the startup I get the error:

2016-12-18 19:45:53.929 [WARN ] [ProtocolGenericBindingProvider] - udp bindingConfig is NULL (item=Switch_A1 (Type=StringItem, State=Uninitialized)) -> processing bindingConfig aborted!

I installed tcp 1.8.3 binding and restarted the openhab service.

Can anybody help me?

I solved it. The Problem was not the binding but a wrong (misspelled) item.

Can you say how to send or receive UDP packet?
OH2 OpenHabian

I haven’t doen it in OH2 due to the fact that I switched to mqtt.

But I can post my old item file here, later.