[SOLVED] Unable to start OpenHAB service on Synology Diskstation "Failed to run the package service"

Hey not sure if its something I’ve missed or there is actually an issue. I’m trying to run OpenHAB on my synology diskstation and having followed the instructions carefully the service just fails to start giving me the error “failed to run the package service”

I can go to the synologies IP address:8080 and I can see the web service working.

Anyone with any ideas?


Hi Simon, I run openhab 2.2 (release version) ok on my synology ds214play.

What version have you installed? I often had issues with snapshot versions.

Hey Neil,

Yes it is a snapshot version. Its

Huh, go figure. I uninstalled and then reinstalled openHAB- and now its running just fine.

Thank’s for your reply anyway Neil.

Si :slight_smile: