[SOLVED] Understanding Group:Contact:OR(OPEN, CLOSED)

Hi to all,

i have created a group with 3 contact:

Group:Contact:OR(OPEN, CLOSED) contatti_uscita “Contatti [%d OPEN]”

when i add it in sitemap, i see how many contact of this group are opened, but i don’t understand how i can access to this information in rules. How i can use it in a if? Ho i can do the below?

if(contatti_uscita == '3'){
    //do this

I am not sure, but you should try

if((contatti_uscita.state as DecimalType) == 3){
    //do this

Ando how about AND group? I have this:

Group:Contact:AND(OPEN, CLOSED) test_uscita “Contatti [%d OPEN]”

why below rules not work?

    if(test_uscita.state == "OPEN"){
        //do this?

i have tried with OPEN without quote, but it not work…

Add some logging:

    logInfo("TEST", test_uscita.state.toString)
    if(test_uscita.state == OPEN) {
        //do this?
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Yes tring again It work

Please tick the solution, thanks

I have signed in the post. The solution Is writer from Dibbler42