[SOLVED] Unexcepted API error: Unknown error: ErrorResponse [code=5002, description=Communication with the SHC failed

And it seems the problem is back again. No communication since 1.5 hrs.
An update to the bridge does not solve the problem this time. Does anybody else see the same behaviour?


Same here! The Problem came back on 0:30 am. What the hell is going on?

Works again. :see_no_evil:

I still have communication dropouts of up to 15 minutes …
I have a watchdog implemented to monitor this (ZV which is set by Openhab and reset by a SHC rule).
I did not have these problems last week.


How is it? My SHC is still running fine.

My system has settled to normal again. Lets see what the weekend brings.
I mark this as solved.