[SOLVED] Unknown device message - Topvico TP-819ZW water leak detector


I have a water leak sensor water leak Topvico, model: TP-819ZW, Zwave, EU Version.
Once added included the item into the z-wave network, the item appears as “Unknown Device”.
I can see that this product is listed into the Openhab supported device list (Link here)

In order to make sure that the item was properly discovered, I have left some days near to the Zwave controller and also forced some wake-ups (pressing the sensor buttom).
Also I have removed and added the item about 4 times to see if there was any innitialization problem, however not sucessfull. Any help?
Thank you in advance.

Product Picture:

Please check device type and device id in your xml file. If it is 0500:0000 you need to wake up that device again

Click button inside housing for 0.5 seconds

Sometimes this is needed several times with a couple of seconds pause in between.
If it is not 0500:0000, we need to add your device to the database.

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Hello sihui,
Seems that is 0505:

I will link here the xml file: network_dc133ef9__node_23.xml (7.6 KB)

Thx, yes, it is 0505:0001.
I’ve added this to the database, you need to upgrade to the latest zwave snaphshot 2.5 binding in the next days when the changes got merged.

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Excellent Sihui,
Thank you !