[SOLVED] Unresponsive Z-Wave Network: Tools and Approaches to track down the issues

I will give this a try the next time I need to clean up my mess. :slight_smile:

Are you gonna check this out and maybe update the How-To ?

I thought someone with experience could actually document how to do this as I have no experience with the PC controller and haven’t got the time to train myself on that at the moment based on the manual provided :innocent:

Sure, I am happy to update the doc at the beginning if anyone guides my how it is done with silabs PC controller.

You caught me in a good mood :smiley: Especially for you.

Z-Wave Zombies.pdf (571.9 KB)


I was able to register as a Company Private and could download the SimplicityStudio-5.iso. (~500MB)
After the install, which took some 20 minutes, I found the Z-Wave PC-controller in the Tools section. :slight_smile:

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Your simply the best…! :musical_score::pray:

Interestingly there was also a Z-wave sniffer tool there as well. Will check it out after my vacation. No z-wave where I’m at now. :relaxed:

I think you will see less of me as I move elsewhere. I had a test controller I needed to clean down anyway.

It’s been a while now, so I thought I’d add a quick note on status and progress etc…

Since using the tools and removing the nodes that were dead or playing up my z-wave network has been solid… no errors and reliable.

Thanks again for all the helps.


I need to do this as well… Anyone done this recently? Unfortunately the links are not working anymore… and it is a nightmare to find it now! #zensys

Many thanks!

I did not check it myself but it may help: How to get Z-Wave SDK, PC Controller and Zniffer Tools

Is this still the best way, or do the companies producing hardware are know able to support good tools to do so?