[solved] URL scheme for OpenHAB iOS App

hi all,
hi @belovictor!

is there a url scheme for the ios app?

my goal is to include a link (like openhab:// ) to my pushover notification which just opens the openhab app when clicked. this way i could react to a message e.g. to close a garage door, without having to navigate to the app on my homescreen and manually open the app…

if there is no scheme could you add it in the next update? just the basic “open the app” url would be cool.

thank you :wink:

edit: i just found out it already works with “openhab://”, great! sorry for posting before trying, haha!

on my iPhone at least, it has to be “openHAB://” (i.e. properly capitalised)

There is an easier way - just use my.openHAB for notifications and you will get to the app when clicking any of the notifications! :smile:

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out of interest, is it possible to use my.openHAB for notifications without proxying through my.openHAB. I don’t need a proxy and it just seems to add a point of complication/failure…

There is no direct possibility to switch off proxying right now, though it is a good idea to make one. Technically, if you switch on authentication in openHAB for both local and remote connections, the access through my.openHAB will be blocked, unless you use the same username/password in my.openHAB and local openHAB users.cfg…

Is deep linking possible. This way I could place a button on my homescreen to activate lights.

E.g. openHAB://switch?cmd=on