[SOLVED] User Profiles?

I think it could make sense having a public user profile listing some general system information to aid in troubleshooting.

  • Country? ( mainly to determine Z-Wave region & device availability)

  • Operating System (OpenHABian Image, Linux, MacOS, Windows)

  • OpenHAB build (stable, testing. unstable) or (stable, Milestone, Snapshot)

  • Installation type (OpenHABian, Package, Manual)

Do these seem like reasonable ideas?

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There already is a public profile that includes your location. The other information can be entered into the “about me” section. But I don’t think there is any way to force people to fill out the profile when they create their account. And not all users will have this information when they create their account. We have a number of pre-OH users who create an account to gather more info about OH prior to taking the plunge.

We’ve tried to get people to include this information in the Setup, Configuration and Use Category but almost no one fills out the requested information. If we can’t get them to fill out the info that is explicitly asked for when they create a post I doubt we will have much luck with getting them to voluntarily fill in their Profile.

I notice even you haven’t filled in your profile. :wink:

Go to Preferences -> Profile in your account settings to fill in your profile information.

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Wouldn’t really scale if you have more than one openHAB instance…
Also, I’m not sure if user who forget to provide information like that when they have a question would fill out these fields in there user profile…

That is basically what I am trying to solve. For example, somebody asks why their timers are messed up with no other information other than current & old logs.

I assume anybody is welcome here, including device vendors? I am working with a vendor support group that could possibly benefit from our group expertise in supporting OH for their devices.

That location is really not that intuitive to me. I have filled in my location

We’ve been trying to solve that problem for years. I’m convinced it’s unsolvable.

So long as posts are relevant to OH, not spammy, and comply with the code of conduct for the forum I don’t care who you are or may represent. We’ve had many vendors participate on the forum in the past and hope will continue to have some in the future.

I guess you can file an issue with Discourse.

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