[SOLVED] Values Motion Sensor FGMS001


I have a fibaro motion sensor with openhab2 and usb aeon labs. Every time I reboot my rpi3 in the sitemap the values lux and battery are not updating, however, the temperature value if work fine. When I pulse the button in the device the values lux and battery are update.

I don’t understand because have to pulse the button in the device for the values be updated every time I reboot rpi3.

How long do you wait before pulsing the button? I know for my battery devices they only report battery once every two days.

The lux doesn’t make much sense. When it is working, how often does it report lux?

I wait 15 minutes and still the values are not update. Lux have a frecuency to 3600 seconds in the parameter 42 (Illuminance report interval). If I pulse the buttom once then the value lux is update, if pulse again the value battery is update. Temperatura value always work fine.

In a day the battery level is 85%, it isn’t logical. All parameters are default.

When it is actually working correctly, how often are the two values reported. I don’t care what the configuration is set to, I want to know how often it is actually reporting.

How often do you see the Items being update in events.log?

When happens a change in to temperature or lux .or motion alarm the items are update in that moment in events.log.
The problem is when I reboot my raspberry pi 3, the lux value is initialized when occurs a change. I descovered that dont is necesary pulsing the buttom, but the value lux not show his value when start rpi3, but this if show his value when occur a change in the light.

OK, so if I understand correctly, then the device only reports when there is a change. So is your problem that the value in your sitemap is not showing the value it had before you reboot the RPi? That is correct behavior. When you restart the RPi or openHAB all your Items get initialized to a NULL state and remain in that state until the device reports a new reading. You need to use Persistence with restoreOnStartupon those Items to initialize the Item to whatever value it had before OH restarted instead of NULL.

There is no way for OH to ask a battery device to immediately send its current sensor readings. The device has to wake up on its own on its own time.