[SOLVED] Values of a switch with mapping can not be posted

For my sitemap I have a switch taken from the docs

Switch item=Switch_All_Blinds_EG label="TV Channel" mappings=[0="DasErste", 1="BBC One", 2="Cartoon Network"]
The item is defined like this:

Switch Switch_All_Blinds_EG "Rollladen EG"

When I click on any of the select buttons in the UI I do get the following error
Received HTTP POST request at 'items/Switch_All_Blinds_EG' with an invalid status value '1'.
So I was wondering how can I send proper values in order to process them further in a rule?
Help is appreciated.
Kindest regards

This is a Switch Item. It only accepts commands ON and OFF.

This is a Switch widget for your sitemap. It can be associated with any Item type.
In this case, it is set up to send commands 0 , 1, 2 etc.

You’ll want your Switch widget to be targetting a Number type Item.

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Thanks a lot. The

item type number

solved it