[SOLVED] Velleman k8055 USB IO Board Binding Openhab 2.3


i use openhab 2.3 on ubuntu in kvm vm. I want to install the
Velleman k8055 USB IO Board Binding on Openhab 2.3 via PaperUI
but the paper UI did not show the binding in the addon / bindings.

How to install the binding?

DL from here and drop it into your addons folder, then follow the docs.



ok, but what is the reason i can´t find it in addon store on openhab 2.3?
Is it the newest stable version of the addon?

I don’t know. It is not available in the latest 2.4 snapshot either.

It is the newest build, but it looks like the source code hasn’t been updated since two years:

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It may be this is a 1.x version binding that no one has reported to be correctly working in OH 2.x. If you have trouble getting it to work see https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/migration/#installing-unofficially-supported-openhab-1-x-add-ons, just in case this is the case.