[SOLVED] Very slow updates coming through from myopenhab.org

Hi All

I got OwnTracks working on my Android, through myopenhab.org to openHAB V2.4 a couple of days ago. I used the examples on the forum to show my location on a map, distance and Last Seen on my sitemap, with a geofence to set my alarm. All was working fine until this morning, when I had a websocket error and lost my cloud connection.

After restarting openHAB, it’s back online but showing old data from about 10:15am (it’s now 14:50). Also, my Owntracks status shows Endpoint Error “java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Timeout” with 510 messages in the queue.

My Events log shows the frequency of updates vary greatly, from one every second or two to less than one per hour. None now since 13:41.

The status.myopenhab page shows no issues today but I’m wondering if there’s some problem on the server end?

I’m guessing that messages from Owntracks are not cashed on myopengab.org beyond the last message sent and that openHAB has the last message received from OwnTracks.

Having just re-started my Android phone, I still see the same Endpoint error but the message queue is down to just the few manual entries I sent.

Any ideas?

Ok, this is weird… I just switched my phone’s WiFi off and it connected successfully via 4g. Then switched back to WiFi and it’s working fine.

You’d think powering it off and on would have done the trick earlier, but no.

Oh well, all good again.