[solved] Wake on Lan in OH3 not working - not a member of 'org.openhab.core.thing.binding.ThingActions'

I’m getting a little desperate.
I am trying to set up Wake on Lan with the network binding according to the documentation. When triggering the rule, however, I always get the error

2022-01-27 11:37:58.111 [ERROR] [internal.handler.ScriptActionHandler] - Script execution of rule with UID 'strom-2' failed: 'sendWakeOnLanPacketViaMac' is not a member of 'org.openhab.core.thing.binding.ThingActions'; line 43, column 17, length 34 in strom

rule snippet

val aktion = getActions("network", "network:pingdevice:computer")
                if (aktion === null) {
                     logInfo("actions", "Actions not found, check thing ID")
                } else {

I have also tried it with the original variable names via copy paste but that did not help either.
Binding an OH version 3.2

I think I had the same problems that you have but finally found a post in the community that works for me. Here is the example code that I am using:

var wolAction = actions.get("network","network:pingdevice:b16bfbfc7c");

This is a JavaScript action in a rule, I think I created this via the JavaScripting addon, I’m not sure if I can see this somewhere in MainUI. It might also work in the built-in Nashorn Engine though, you can just try for yourself.

Unfortunately, no luck. I always write my rules as a file and not in the user interface. With the Javascript part, the whole rule doesn’t work anymore either.

 Script execution of rule with UID 'strom-2' failed: An error occurred during the script execution: index=0, size=0 in strom

Ok i solved the problem or not…
An DSL rule need a static function. [SOLVED] Actions - #4 by hilbrand?
The only static function is the deprecated function “sendWakeOnLanPacket”
sendWakeOnLanPacketViaMac and sendWakeOnLanPacketViaIp are not static… so the DSL rule can not use them.
openhab-addons/NetworkActions.java at main · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

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Good find! Would you log a Githib issue to get a fix?

any fix for that ?

The code I posted works for me. I think the fix is only required for DSL rules

II don’t think so. The only way would be to adapt the functions of the binding. sendWakeOnLanPacketViaIp(); should work without problems in ECMAScript for rules. For DSL rules only sendWakeOnLanPacket

i’ve just updated to OH3.
still getting this error

 'sendWakeOnLanPacketViaIp' is not a member of 'org.openhab.core.thing.binding.ThingActions'

has this still not been fixed?

Or what am i missing?

could someone tell me how to correctly implement the demo rule that is stated in the Network binding page? it simply doesnty work for me, just keeps posting that error.

are there other ways for doing WOL?

Hey maurits. As i wrote in my last message.
If you use DSL rules, use sendWakeONLanPacket.

val foo = getActions("network", "network:pingdevice:iamyourdevice")


var wolAction = actions.get("network","network:pingdevice:b16bfbfc7c");

i see, thanks!
I thought that function was deprecated (as stated in docs) and wouldnt work anymore.

This is fixed in openHAB 3.4.0 Milestone 3.