[SOLVED] Wall-C Wall controller no longer recognised after binding update

Hello all, I’ve got the z-wave.me Wall Controller WALL-C, which used to work fairly well. I updated Openhab today to the latest snapshot including the new binding requiring me to delete and re-add all my devices. This worked for most of my devices but the WALL-C controller is no longer recognised. The first log entry for it is:

NODE 77: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! Manufacturer data not known.

The device shows up and I see and receive messages at the z-wave level but the device remains “Unknown Device” in OpenHab.

I’ve added a zipped copy of the openhab log with debug renamed to node77,xml, the device is node77 in the log. Is anyone experiencing something similar or know how to resolve this? I have already deleted it and recreated it twice, and also excluded it from the controller, re-included it and re-added it but it doesn’t get recognised.

Versions I’m running are;

openhab2: 2.4.0~20180924031502-1

node77.xml (438.1 KB)

Hmm it seems to have recognised it overnight, I’d tried healing it myself but it’s now being recognised. Sadly another 4 or so devices are still not recognised despite them being identical to other devices already recognised, so I’ll have to batter away at those today.

As per the instructions, battery devices will take some time to be recognised, and you will either need to wake them up manually, or wait until they wake themselves, which may take some time (eg days - depending on your configuration).

Yes I followed the instructions and about 80% of my devices (I have about 45-50 z-wave devices) came up really quickly, a few of them are being a bit reluctant despite multiple wakes and even (where supported) a 10-minute enforced wake. So far some of the previously very reliable devices are causing me some trouble which will hopefully resolve itself, while some of my previously unreliable devices are behaving better than they ever have before, so a bit swings-and-roundabouts at the moment. Hopefully it’ll sort itself out. Annoyingly one of the not-working devices is my doorbell (a Fibaro window/door sensor) so I’ll have to keep an eye out for the postie.

This turned out to be issues with the wake device being either lost, corrupted or set to “node_1” instead of “controller” after upgrading to the snapshot from stable. On some devices there being an extra configuration parameter hidden away called “wake node” also being set wrong. Once these were all corrected all my devices now are recognised and report correctly. The strange bug with the “get/set” z-wave commands being reversed also contributed.

It’s been an interesting week, but there’s daylight ahead :wink: