[SOLVED] Weather Binding without API Key


is there a weather binding out there where I don’t have to create a Weather Account?
Dark Sky, Weather Underground, Weather Binding, Ambient Weather, Weather Company Binding need a Bridge with a API Key. To get the API Key you have to create a Account at every Weather Websites.


The only option I know is to pull a meteogram just in your sitemap, here the code that works for me.

Frame label=Meteogram {
		Image url="https://www.yr.no/place/Italy/Lazio/Rome/advanced_meteogram.png" label="Meteogram" refresh=360000

Will give you a three day forecast, no binding needed, just make sure that you are not refreshing too frequently, otherwise this (and similar sides) will block you. An hourly update suffices for me and does not create any problems.

ok great idea Markus. :slight_smile:
unfortunately the yahoo weather binding is no longer available. There you did not need to have an API key.

looks really ugly
Does someone else has a idea without API Key?

And exactly what is wrong with an api key?
I chose darksky after reading each service t&cs.

If there is no other way I have to test dark sky :slight_smile:

The reason because I wanted a non register solution is because I don’t want to have an account for every small service. but unfortunately the trend is

Besides this might be a trend in some places, it just makes technically sense sometimes.
I would make that mandatory too for such a service.

If i would ran a hardware which provides an api like this, i would like to know who is doing the requests, to have some influences, if one does cause problems for the other users with an inappropriate amount of requests for example.

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Keep a track of your accounts and read the t&cs.
Also use a separate email for different types of accounts. I have one for HA. One for Chinese sites, etc…

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Just because you just brought up China Account. Is it worth ordering smart home products from China in your opinion?

I have some, but I make sure that they can be used without an internet connection to some anonymous chinese cloud

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Can you paste some Things you bought from china which are good to use? I think here are more interested to build a less expensive Smart Home.