[SOLVED] What does the exclamation mark in BasicUI mean?


does anybody know what the exclamation mark next to the sitemap name in BasicUI mean? I couldn’t find an answer in the docu or the forum search.
Is it some kind of error warning? I am using VS-Code including the openhab-extension (thank you for this great work @kubawolanin !!), but get no errors displayed.
Guess the screenshot explains best what I mean:


Please post your sitemap file, maybe there is something that will give a clue to why the ! exist or someone can try to replicate the same in their sitemap.

Here you go - as you see I commented already a lot out in order to see if any of the blocks causes the exclamation mark --> do you if the ! should state an error or if it has a different meaning?

sitemap brunn label="Brunn" {

	Frame label=Alarmanlage {
		Switch item=varAlarmanlage
		Group item=gAlarms		

	Frame label="Wohnungsklima" {
		Text item=senTemp_WohnzimmerNA //valuecolor=[Last_Update=="Uninitialized"="#808080",>=25="#ffa500",>=19="#008000",<19="#0000ff"]
		Text item=senHumidity_WohnzimmerNA //valuecolor=[Last_Update=="Uninitialized"="#808080",>=50="#ffa500", >=35="#008000",<35="#ffa500"]
		Text item=senCO2_Wohnzimmer	//valuecolor=[Last_Update=="Uninitialized"="#808080",>=1000="#ff0000",>=800="#ffa500",<800="#008000"]
		Text item=setHeat_BadMode {
			Setpoint item=setHeat_BadEco minValue=4.5 maxValue=30 step=0.5
			Setpoint item=setHeat_BadComf minValue=4.5 maxValue=30 step=0.5
			Switch item=setHeat_BadMode mappings=[1="Comfort",11="ECO"]
			Text item=senTemp_HeatBad

	Frame label="Sonos" {
		Default item=varSonos_WohnzimmerStatus
		Default item=plaSonos_Wohnzimmer
		Slider item=dimSonos_WohnzimmerVol
		Text item=varSonos_WohnzimmerTrack
		Switch item=varSonos_WohnzimmerRadioInput mappings=[0="Ö3",1="Ö1",2="Kronehit"]

	Frame label="Wetter Brunn" {
		Text item=weaTemp_Brunn //valuecolor=[Last_Update=="Uninitialized"="#808080",>=25="#ffa500",>=15="#008000",<15="#0000ff"]
		Text item=weaHumidity_Brunn
		Text item=weaPressure_Brunn
		Text item=weaTemp_Terrasse //valuecolor=[Last_Update=="Uninitialized"="#808080",>=25="#ffa500",>=15="#008000",<15="#0000ff"]

	Frame label="Sonstige Infos" {
	Group item=gSysinfo
		Switch item=gLightsEG mappings=[OFF="Alle aus", ON="Alle an"]
		Switch item=varLights_EGSzenen mappings=[0="Alle aus", 1="TV", 2="Smooth", 3="Alle an"]
	Frame label="Leistung" {
    	Switch item=EumelPower_Chart_Period label="Zeitraum" mappings=[0="24h", 1="7D", 2="akt. Monat"]
   	 	Webview url="" height=15 visibility=[EumelPower_Chart_Period=="0", EumelPower_Chart_Period=="NULL"]
    	Webview url="" height=15 visibility=[EumelPower_Chart_Period=="1"]
    	Webview url="" height=15 visibility=[EumelPower_Chart_Period=="2"]
	} */
 //height varies based on number of graphs and dimensions of them. 
	Frame label="Verbrauch" {
		Switch item=EumelEnergy_Chart_Period label="Zeitraum" mappings=[0="24h", 1="7D", 2="akt. Monat"]
		Webview url="" height=15 visibility=[EumelEnergy_Chart_Period=="0", EumelEnergy_Chart_Period=="NULL"]
		Webview url="" height=15 visibility=[EumelEnergy_Chart_Period=="1"]
		Webview url="" height=15 visibility=[EumelEnergy_Chart_Period=="2"]
	}  */

	/* Frame label="Leistungen"{
				Switch item=EumelPower_Chart_Period label="Zeitraum" mappings=[0="H", 1="D", 2="W", 3="M", 4="Y"]
				Chart item=gChartPowerEumel period=h refresh=1200 visibility=[EumelPower_Chart_Period==0]
				Chart item=gChartPowerEumel  period=D refresh=1800 visibility=[EumelPower_Chart_Period==1, EumelPower_Chart_Period=="NULL"]
				Chart item=gChartPowerEumel  period=W refresh=3600 visibility=[EumelPower_Chart_Period==2]
				Chart item=gChartPowerEumel  period=M refresh=3600 visibility=[EumelPower_Chart_Period==3]
				Chart item=gChartPowerEumel  period=Y refresh=3600 visibility=[EumelPower_Chart_Period==4]
	Frame label="Verbrauch"{
				Switch item=EumelEnergy_Chart_Period label="Zeitraum" mappings=[0="H", 1="D", 2="W", 3="M", 4="Y"]
				Chart item=gChartEnergyEumel period=h refresh=1200 visibility=[EumelEnergy_Chart_Period==0]
				Chart item=gChartEnergyEumel  period=D refresh=1800 visibility=[EumelEnergy_Chart_Period==1, EumelEnergy_Chart_Period=="NULL"]
				Chart item=gChartEnergyEumel  period=W refresh=3600 visibility=[EumelEnergy_Chart_Period==2]
				Chart item=gChartEnergyEumel  period=M refresh=3600 visibility=[EumelEnergy_Chart_Period==3]
				Chart item=gChartEnergyEumel  period=Y refresh=3600 visibility=[EumelEnergy_Chart_Period==4]

		Frame label="Temperatur"{
				Switch item=EumelTemp_Chart_Period label="Zeitraum" mappings=[0="H", 1="D", 2="W", 3="M", 4="Y"]
				Chart item=eumelTemp period=h refresh=1200 visibility=[EumelTemp_Chart_Period==0]
				Chart item=eumelTemp  period=D refresh=1800 visibility=[EumelTemp_Chart_Period==1, EumelTemp_Chart_Period=="NULL"]
				Chart item=eumelTemp  period=W refresh=3600 visibility=[EumelTemp_Chart_Period==2]
				Chart item=eumelTemp  period=M refresh=3600 visibility=[EumelTemp_Chart_Period==3]
				Chart item=eumelTemp  period=Y refresh=3600 visibility=[EumelTemp_Chart_Period==4]
			} */
	Frame label="alle Steuerungen" {
		Group item=gAll

I don’t think it means anything. It’s hardcoded and has been there since the first version of the Basic UI.

Apparently it’s called the announcement icon in Material icons sets. :smiley:


so you and @H102 see it too? Only if using desktop to access the basicUI of course…

Yes it’s always there (also on my Phone) whenever it shows the list of available sitemaps.
E.g. when you add the name of a non-existing sitemap parameter to the URL: ?sitemap=nonexisting