[SOLVED] What sort of commands does (My)OpenHab expect from IFTTT

Have been playing with IFTTT integration a bit. Sending stuff from openhab to IFTTT is no problem (the usual ‘get an email when the door opens’) , but I am struggling a bit in sending commands to openhab from IFTTT

Most of my lamps are controlled by simple MQTT commands, but I am not sure how IFTTT wants those to send to Openhab.
I have exposed (lamp) Items that I can attach to in IFTTT but if say the lamp is controlled by
Basically “home/living/main” with payload ON
how do I enter that in the ‘command’ field of IFTTT aplets?

If using the openHAB channel, all IFTTT knows it cares about is the item type. If the item is a switch, it seems ON/OFF. If a Number it sends a Number.

What that item is linked to is completely invisible to IFTTT so it doesn’t matter if it is a virtual switch, linked to MQTT, ZWave it what have you.

If you look at the example applets for the openHAB channel you should see examples. Back when I used it more than a year ago you would use ON or OFF or TOGGLE for switches.

Thanks. I will give that a try :slight_smile:

Yep, that works perfectly. I obviously overthought this as it makes perfect sense :slight_smile:
As a side not, I see that My openhab can be very slow in exposing the items to IFTTT, but that is just a matter of patience.
Thanks again and enjoy yr evening, depending on what part of the world you are in

Early afternoon actually. :slight_smile:

Your items will not show up on myopenhab until their state changes after they have been exposed. That could account for the delay.

Tnx. Great, good to know.
I have a sensor though (DHT22) that is continuously changing and doesnt show up. Hmm, will look deeper into that.

Hmm, well that was easy to solve by writing a few really different values into the mqtt stream of the sensor

If one would use a voice input (google assistant) command to be send, this command is sent using lowercase letters or only the first letter capitalized.
Ie, If I ask IFTTT my command “bedroom light $”. (full syntax when I say it is: Bedroom light on"
It will interpret the $ as “on” and not ON and it will not work.
It works If I have an applet with only one command and there I can capitalize it myself.
But not if it is interpreted by ex google assistant or google home.

Do I make an rule or transform?
And how would it be so my items do not get stuck in a loop if I make it into a rule?

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