SOLVED: What to do with DefaultAnnotationProcessor warning?

For some time now I see a warning in my openhab.log at each restart of oh:

2015-12-26 09:02:14.500 [WARN ] [cpr.DefaultAnnotationProcessor] - Unable to detect annotations. Application may fail to deploy.

I have already disabled all bindings and the warning keeps showing up, so I guess it has to do with the core.

Does anyone know what this message means and where I should be looking to solve it?

(Running apt-get installation of OH on Raspberry Pi with Debian Linux)

This message can be ignored, and in openHAB 1.7.0 this line was added to logback.xml to suppress it:

<logger name="org.atmosphere.cpr.DefaultAnnotationProcessor" level="OFF" />

If you brought forward your logback.xml file from a previous installation, then this line would not be present and the messages appear in your log. You can safely add this line to your logback.xml to suppress the warning log entry.

Thanks for the quick reply. Done.