[SOLVED] Where does the z-wave binding get the list of serial ports?

I’m having a problem where the USB IDs of my interfaces (insteon PLM and Aeon Labs Z-stick) change often. Every time I reboot. Fixing it seems to be a manual problem.

I have udev making named symlinks for both devices, and they are always correct.

The Insteon PLM binding lets me use the symlink just fine.

The Z-Wave binding won’t show me the symlink in the list of serial ports. I can’t select it. I can select the PLM’s symlink. It doesn’t work - it’s the wrong device - but it’s in the list. How do I get the zwave port to show in the list?

Darn it, I found not one, but two typos in my configuration.

Both were in /etc/default/openhab2, in the EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS. One was that I’d set /dev/tty/ZST. See the extra / there?

The other is that I’d misspelled gnu.io.rxtx.SerialPorts. How I did that instead of just a copy and paste I don’t know.

The zwave binding is now properly using the symlink udev maintains and hopefully all my conflicts will stop.