[SOLVED] Where is mqtt.generic binding in 3.4.0.M4

Because the file itself did not work and in the binding description from post #1 is written:
" Therefore you must have configured a Broker Thing first via the MQTT Broker Binding"

That’s two different issues with two different potential paths depending on whether you want to continue to use .things files or use the UI.

  1. The .things file did not work: now that the add-on is installed and presumably working there should be logs indicating why it’s not working. If you want to use .things file, temporarily remove the file from the config folder. Restart OH. Look in MainUI and delete any MQTT Thing that may still be there. Then copy the .things file back to the config folder. If there are still problems, take note of the logs and open a new thread with the .things file and the errors from the logs so someone who can help is more likely to see it.

  2. Configuring a Broker Thing is done either in a .things file. (first line of the .things file you posted above) or through the UI. Never both. If you want to use the UI, you must remove the .things file. Because of some issues with some bindings seeing changes to .things file, you’ll probably need to restart OH after that. Only then can you start to define those Things in the UI.

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