[Solved] Why does the GPStracker binding exist?

I had a look at this binding, and seems to offer not anything more than what can be done with owntracks and MQTT.

What is it I am not seeing?

I use this binding as my MQTT is not exposed to the internet.

It uses the already setup cloud connector.

You can also setup multiple regions for geofencing easily.

            Type regionDistance : homeDistance "Distance from Home" [
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Not everyone uses nor is willing to ring an MQTT broker for this.

Very few people have the knowledge, skill, time and patience to safely expose their MQTT broker to the Internet and keep it safe.

There binding works with more than just OwnTracks.

The binding makes setting up geofences much easier.

No rules or transforms are required to parse the MQTT messages.

In terms of ease of setup and use the GPS tracker binding use far superior. There only reason I’d recommend against it is if you’ve already set up the MQTT approach. And even then it’s recommend considering switching and choosing down that hole in your firewall to let MQTT get through.

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Thanks… :slight_smile:
… I understand.

However, given that I:
a) am running mosquitto with OwnTracks
b) do not like any dependency on external services (anything cloud)
… it makes no sense for me (at present) to use it.

There is no dependency on a cloud service. As long as OwnTracks can reach your openHAB instance, be it through a VPN or because you’ve exposed openHAB to the Internet through a reverse proxy. it will work.

Thank you for the clarification! :slight_smile: