[SOLVED] Widget showing events from several google calendars?

Hi guys,

new to openHAB, but that’s some awesome kind of software. like it already.
I have a raspberry pi 4 running raspbian with openHAB 2.

Now I am working on some panels and I struggle somehow and I don’t know if this is possible, either in openHAB or Google Calendar.

So as I said my wife and I are using several Google Calendars.
There is a calendar for me, there is a calendar for my wife, there is a caledar for my sport matches etc.

I installed the calDav Personal Binding and got it to work that events are linked to items.

What I now want is a widget, which displays the next 3 events from all of the calendars.
To be clear:
Lets assume there is a sport match on saturday (coming from the sport calendar), my wife got an appointment (from her calendar) on sunday and on monday there is my daughters birthday (coming from the family calendar).

How can I achieve some kind of widget?

Any help appreciated!

So, shorty after sending this post, I had an idea how to solve it.
In the widget I create an object where I load all items from my calendars.
Then I can sort this Object and so I have the 3 upcoming events, doesn’t matter from which calendar it comes.

Maybe somebody want to do the same.


Hi, first Post ever!

for the sake of God, please share your written Widget :slight_smile:

Bitte, bitte :smiley:


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