[SOLVED] Wifi setup in openhap-config does not allow chosing the wifi

I just installed openhabian along with openhab3 which is awesome by the way! Kudos to everyone who worked on this.

When I then startup openhabian-config ([openHAB3]patchday-20210104-1103(b247124)) to setup the wifi under (36) it prompts me with all available WIFI-SSIDs but from then one I am not able to choose any of these:

Note that i encounter the same situation under my old openhabian-config tool [master]patchday-20210104-1070(26d15af)

Could it be that it is due to the long list of WIFI-SSIDs that are shown?

maybe @mstormi has an idea? (thanks for the session virtual meetup!)


So there’s a blue text input field. Guess what that is for ?

Please don’t ping people, most feel annoyed by doing so and so do I.

Sorry Markus, I didn’t intend to annoy you by pinging!

Honestly I tried everything (and searched for it) but I didn’t get the idea to enter the name… :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the quick response - I very much appreciate that, Markus.