[SOLVED] Wrapper.dll error: Can't load AMD 64-bit .dll on a IA 32-bit platform

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Intel NUC I5 (5300) 8Gb RAM
    • OS: win10 build 1903 64bit
      Java Runtime Environment:
      openjdk version “1.8.0_192”
      OpenJDK Runtime Environment (Zulu (build 1.8.0_192-b01)
      OpenJDK Client VM (Zulu (build 25.192-b01, mixed mode)

openHAB version: 2.5.M4

I receive this message at OH startup: Can’t load AMD 64-bit .dll on a IA 32-bit platform
My general problem is that virtual items and my rule scripts are not working in 100%. I’m trying to change to new rule engine NGRE, but it does not start as far as I see. I try to find the root cause and I have found this message in wrapper.log. What is strange that everything works fine. I use zwave binding, astro binding etc. Everything works fine except rules what includes virtual items.
Could be the problem that I have 64 bit win10 and I use 32 bit Zulu, but 32 bit is the original recommendation because of zwave.

I have changed my java to this one:
openjdk version “1.8.0_232”
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (Zulu (build 1.8.0_232-b18)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (Zulu (build 25.232-b18, mixed mode)

Now wrapper works:
STATUS | wrapper | 2019/10/26 08:28:08 | Launching a JVM…
INFO | jvm 1 | 2019/10/26 08:28:13 | Wrapper (Version 3.2.3) http://wrapper.tanukisoftware.org
INFO | jvm 1 | 2019/10/26 08:28:13 | Copyright 1999-2006 Tanuki Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

However I think the win10 install guide and/or java install guide can be extended with information that witch Java ver is suggested on witch Op system. I remember that when I started on win10 I was trying at least 10 Java version till I could start OH.

My understanding is the normal response to a suggestion like this is for you to submit a PR on GitHub with the proposed changes.

Sure, I will find the relevant topic on Github. I’ve just opened a topic, than I decided to give a try and it worked. Anyway I would welcome any suggestion what is the best Java, as I see still several Java error messages in my Logs. Like this one in openhab.log:
2019-10-26 08:47:31.972 [ERROR] [org.openhab.core.ephemeris ] - bundle org.openhab.core.ephemeris:2.5.0.M4 (143)[org.openhab.ephemeris(50)] : The activate method has thrown an exception
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum constant java.time.DayOfWeek.( “MONDAY”

Are you sure the 32-bit Java was completely uninstalled and the environment variables set properly?
Just guessing. I, like the vast majority here run OH in a Linux environment.

The 32-bit JVM recommendation in the documentation is only for ARM platforms and not for Intel/AMD:

Please use the 32-bit version of the JVM for ARM platforms, even on 64-bit operating systems. Serial connections won’t work with a 64-bit JVM, preventing bindings like Z-Wave from functioning.

The recommendation is also wrong because nowadays serial connections do work when using 64-bit JVM on ARM. I also created an issue for this:

There are still reasons to use a 32-bit JVM on a 64-bit ARM machine. It performs better and there could be other native libraries (besides the serial communications library) that are missing.

Also note that a Raspberry Pi has a 64-bit ARM processor but it typically runs a 32-bit OS.

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No, I haven’t unistalled it. I’ve just installed 64 bit version and of course changed java enviroment settings to 64 bit folder plus checked java version in command prompt plus wrapper had started without any problem. So I guess 64 bit verision is in charge now in my system.

Yes I’ve seen it. If you read this sentance fast than it can mislead first of all, when you are not experienced and know what is ARM platform mean. That’s why I would make suggestion for each platform separately, this way it would be more straightforward to everybody.

For OpenHAB is primarily refers to the Raspberry Pi and similar. For those who are not experiences, Google is their friend. :wink:

Feel free to file PRs here.

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I felt free to create this PR :slight_smile:


Thanks! Next time I’ll start with a PR. What I see in Hungary that more and more people starts their own system. But seeing level of questions in FB forums My suggestion is to try as simple as possible. What I see that OH is the most user friendly system at the moment, and as I see OH3 will improve it further. So the direction is good, and as I progress to eliminate issues from my system I’ll make PR’s if I see some room for improvment.