[SOLVED] Wrong ip address send to audiosink by smarthome:audio play?

I am trying to use a Sonos One as an audiosink. When I do

smarthome:audio play barking.mp3

in the console the uri of the file is send to the Sonos speaker but it looks like th uri has the wrong ip address in it. I gather that from the following error in the Sonos app:

Unable to play ‘XXXXXXXXX.mp3’ - unable to connect to

That ip (38) is the ip of the Sonos and not that of Openhab. Openhab is 21.

If i stream a sound file from the html folder like

smarthome:audio stream

the stream is played correctly on the Sonos.

Any thoughts?

Solved! I provided the wrong callback url in the Sonos Binding settings. That url should obviously be set to your Openhab ip address, not to your Sonos ip address.