[Solved] Wthat is the best way to organize multiple sensors of the same type?

I have multiple Sonoff TH:s with Tasmota fw,

How do I best configure openHAB?

Unique names on things, channels and items for each of the Sonoffs?

Is there no more object like way?


Items depend on the Model usage i think, so i have no “best practice” for thiis at hand now.
I am assuming you use mqtt to communicate with the Sonoffs.

For the things this is how i do it for identical devices:

  • First i will configure one of them as a thing that fits my needs
  • Then leave this one open while opening openHAB again in a nee window
  • I would then add new Things for the other decices and use the yaml code from the first one as template and just adapt the mqqt topics slighly for the device related elements

Ok, so that means an individual name for the thing but also for the channels, items and variables?

For example, Humidity would become Living_Room_Humidity and Bedroom_Humidity for the respective device?


No. I will just change the thing name and copy the channels for identical devices like


So identical channels will always have the same name for me and just have a different thing name.

As said i won’t give any advice here for now.
Just exploring myself how well the automatically generated model item names are working.

Right ok but how does that work in the items description?

For example:

Number:Power Power “Power [%.1f W]” {channel=“mqtt:topic:tele:Living_Room:Power”}
Number:Power Power “Power [%.1f W]” {channel=“mqtt:topic:tele:Bedroom:Power”}

Now, how do you distinguish one Power from the other?

You name your Item appropriately.

Number:Power LivingRoomPower "Living Room Power [%.1f W]" {channel="mqtt:topic:tele:Living_Room:Power"}
Number:Power BedroomPower "Bedroom Power [%.1f W]" {channel="mqtt:topic:tele:Bedroom:Power"}
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Sorry, sometimes things are obvious from the own point of view and it is difficult to take a objective look from “the outside”
Item Names have to be unique anyway.

So in this case it would make sense to apply your suggested naming scheme.