[SOLVED]Xiaomi Binding Problem, Can Get value, but cant Update(Set) Value, please help

Platform information:
Hardware: synology DS218play
OS: DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 2
ava Runtime Environment: build 1.8.0_251-b08
openHAB version: openHAB-
xiaomi gateway version: lumi.gateway.v3 v1.4.1_175

first time i install openhab in my synology dsm is ok
i can read and write any value from xiamoi gateway
after that, i want install Blynk server in my synology
but it have some problem with port 8080
so i uninstall the openhab

when i install the openhab again and setup my binding for xiaomi
i open can get the value from gateway (when i turn on/off with APP, it can show it)
but i cant control gateway with openhab any more
i try reinstall so many time…

i have already read this doc

My gateway shows up in openHAB and I have added all devices, but I don’t get any value updates:

  • Most likely your machine is not receiving multicast messages
  • Check your network config:
    • Routers often block multicast - enable it
    • Make sure the gateway and the machine are in the same subnet
    • Try to connect your machine via Ethernet instead of Wifi
    • Make sure you don’t have any firewall rules blocking multicast

i have checked the gateway port 9898 is open
how can i fix it?

thank a lot!!

any one can help?

After 3 day
i found the problem is i put a wrong key to the paper ui