[SOLVED] Xiaomi Mi IO issues with things

Hello fellow openHAB users.
I have a problem with the Xiaomi MiIO binding, more specifically with the things.

After adding the Xiaomi MiIO binding, and entering my credentials in the configuration of said binding, I move to the inbox for items discovery. And sure enough, two (2) items are found. One is named “… with token” and the other one is “… roborock-vacuum-s5_miio261933004”
The first one indeed has the token discovered correctly, but only has two controls: Power and Test Actions.
The second item has all the controls I’m looking for: Power, Map, Errors, Settings, Battery Level, etc.

BUT: The second one hasn’t got the token. When I try to enter it, the UI displays Server Error 500. The log lists the following error:
Exception occured while calling thing handler factory ‘org.openhab.binding.miio.internal.MiIoHandlerFactory@b285ad’: null
java.lang.NullPointerException: null

I have tried adding one after the other, have tried each separately, but the situation stays the same: I can’t control my vacuum.
Whenever I changed anything on the PaperUI, I stopped openhab, cleared the cache, and started openhab.

What can this peculiar issue be, and how can I solve it?
Thanks in advance.

In case anybody asks: I have verified the token by installing a modified APK on an android phone.

Edit: Have managed to solve this one myself, by combining the information from both discovered items, and adding one manually. It works for now, so this one is resolved - for now.