[SOLVED] Yet another Zooz Zwave issue, this time with a dimmer

Hello everyone,

After successfully solving my issue with the Zooz On/Off switch I decided to play around with the Zen27 dimmer switch I had, but this time I updated the firmware first (Zooz was kind enough to send it to me when I asked). I went from 1.0 to 2.07

Got the thing connected up to openHab (Thing: Zooz Dimmer Light Switch ZEN27, dimmer channel linked to Item: Zooz Dimmer (type: Dimmer)). Everything else is at default.

When I go to control the thing from OH on the control page of the PaperUI, it works fine. I can see the dimmer turn on and off, and I can measure the voltage change on the load as you adjust it.

When I try to physical control it on the dimmer (ie on the switch itself), I can see/measure it working) but there appears to be zero communication to OH (nothing changes, and nothing shows up in the events.log file).

If I set the dimmer to some random value, either in OH or on the switch itself, then turn it off in OH and back on again, I see it shoot up to 100%, then immediately back down to the set value. The switch is definitely remembering the setting and starting at that point, and OH is getting that number from the switch after it is turned on in OH.

So there is definitely some communication going on here, but it seems to be only one way (OH to the device, but not the other way around).

Is this normal? Did I screw something up? What other logs can I look in to see what (if anything) is happening when I press the buttons on the dimmer?

I turned off the autoupdate on the Item to test that, made no difference, still see nothing in the events.log file when pushing buttons on the dimmer or adjusting it up or down.

After you updated the firmware did you delete and rediscover the Thing in OH? The binding needs to rediscover the new firmware.

I removed it from OH, moved the Z-Stick over to my PC, updated the firmware. Then removed it from the Z-stick completely and moved the Z-Stick back to OH and re-added. It has a completely new Node number and everything.

It shows the new firmware version in OH as well.

You know about poll after command at the OH end now, that’s where that status comes from.

The lack of an “unsolicited” report is down to device settings.

I have pretty much read all the device settings options, changed just about all of them, then tested it with the change to no avail (I changed one at a time, tested, then set it back before moving on).

The question become how can I sniff out the traffic on the Z-Wave network? That would help me work out if it is the device not sending or OH not receiving, or at least confirm that it’s the device not sending.

So I factory reset the thing, then had to re-add it. And now it is working fine.

sigh gotta love technology sometimes.

At any rate, noted for future:

  1. Flash firmware.
  2. Factory Reset.
  3. mumble, mumble, mumble…
  4. Profit!!!

On a semi related note, does the node number matter with Z-Wave? I notice every time I joined this thing it was ratcheted up in the node list. Will the Z-Wave controller run out of numbers? And should I bother working out how to set these node numbers so that all my Z-Wave things are sequential?

No, you can’t. (Or you have to hard reset the stick and reinclude all your devices every time a node number is not in sequence :grinning:)

Ok, shall endeavour to keep my OCD in check then :smiley:

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