[SOLVED] Z-Wave 2.5.1 - nightly heal ends up in a mess


since I moved to openhab 2.5 with the z-wave binding 2.5.1. my z-wave network is crashing after the nightly heal. I didn’t change anything. I didn’t add a node and after a restart all is working very well. After reading some topics here i found out that the solution form me is to deactivate the nightly heal.


But why does dis problem not occure with OH 2.4 stable? Is there anyone who has the same porblem and is willing to investigate as well?


You bet! A number of us have experienced this problem

The details of the problem are pretty well documented in a couple GitHub issues. I won’t reference them again here, but you can find them in the issues list in the zwave GitHub repo. IMO, it’s really a matter of sorting out the proper way to fix it, however, @chris is deep into some other major work on the binding at the moment.

The best solution for now is to disable the nightly heal (as you have already done).

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OK, many thanks. Than I didn’t read enough here. Thanks for quick reply.