[SOLVED] Z-wave: Missing KWH reset on Aeotec Micro dimmers

I’m not entirely sure when it happened… Maybe at 2.5.0M1
I have some aeotec DSC19 dimmers that used to have a KWH meter reset switch but it no longer shows in the list of channels. At some point these it did have a switch and I have an item bound to the channel, but the channel is no longer present. I don’t look at the readings from these terribly often which is why I missed it for so long.


This device has not been updated since three years, I think that channel did never exist:


:joy: ooops. well, could i get that channel? :slight_smile:

Sure, done:

Please report back it it is working with that device, if not, we need to revert that change. Thx.

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I assume I’ll have to wait a few days for the binding to be updated. Is this still correct?


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