[SOLVED] Z-Wave - Toggling device turns off another one

Hello Community,
I am using the Aeotec Z-Wave Controller, a Fibaro Dimmer 2 and a Neo Coolcam Plug.

I just created items for the Neo Coolcam Plug… and now I have the problem that when I trigger the Plug in Basic UI, the Light also turns on or off…

I set the association groups of both items to “Controller”, they are not linked, at least in Paper UI. In HABmin, they are connected tho…

The Log is too long for the forum, so HERE is the log.

Anyone got an Idea what I’m doing wrong?

A little over 100 ms after the command is sent to node 4, there’s a command sent to node 6.

It seems unlikely that you would be fast enough to do this through the user interface. :wink:

The only thing that comes to mind is that you might have your items (and their linked channels) defined incorrectly. This is a pure guess, but if you use .items files for your item configuration, maybe there was a copy/paste error?

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Here are my items:

Switch LR_Light_Switch "Hauptlicht" <light> (gMainLighting, gLivingRoom) ["Lighting"] { channel="zwave:device:d5d05bd6:node4:switch_dimmer1" }
Dimmer LR_Light_Dimmer "Helligkeit" <light> (gMainLighting, gLivingRoom) ["Lighting"] { channel="zwave:device:d5d05bd6:node4:switch_dimmer1" }
Switch LR_PianoPlug_Switch "Klavier" <poweroutlet_eu> (gLivingRoom, gLR_PianoPlug) ["Lighting"] { channel="zwave:device:d5d05bd6:node6:switch_binary" }
Number LR_PianoPlug_Watts "Verbrauch Klavier" <energ> (gOutlet, gLivingRoom, gLR_PianoPlug) { channel="zwave:device:d5d05bd6:node6:meter_watts" }

You were right, the channels are indeed linked… but how can I unlink them?
When trying to do so in PaperUI, I’m getting “ERROR: 405 - Method Not Allowed”.

Where do you see they’re linked? The items you posted above look ok to me.

It was linked in PaperUI. I just restarted the Pi and everything works like a charm.
I am a windows admin, I didn’t thought that I would have to restart a linux system :smiley:

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