[SOLVED] Zigbee Binding in 2.4.0~S1458-1 does not show switch for IKEA light bulbs

Hi everyone,

I recently updated from 2.4.0~S1455-1 to 2.4.0~S1458-1.
Before I had for the IKEA light bulbs 3 channels with the zigbee available: Dimmer, Saturation and a Switch On/Off.
However after the update the switch channel vanished and my items which referred to it do not work anymore.

A rollback to the SNAPSHOT version before was unsucessfull.

Any ideas ?

These channels have been removed to be consistent with ESH/OH as they are not required. You can do everything with the channels that are available - eg a Dimmer can also be linked to an OnOff type, so there is no point in having both channels.

Anyway, this is normal, so nothing to be worried about :slight_smile:

I see.
Same goes for the RGB bulbs. Here even the dimmer has been removed and only the color channel is left over.
I checked and you can link a dimmer item as well as a switch item to the color channel to access the features individually.

Thx for the fast response.

Yes - it’s the same thing. The color item extends the dimmer item which extends the switch - so only one of these will be provided.

On remark I have to make on that.
For the RGB bulb the switch items does not remember the last dimmer value.
Thus switching the RGB bulb via the color channel results always in 0% and 100% dimmer level no matter if that has been set different before.
For the standard bulb switching results in 0% and the last dimmer percentage value.

I’ve just fixed this for the dimmer and will also look at it for the color channel once 2.4 is out of the way.