[SOLVED] ZW3004 Honeywell Dimmer Switch Unrecognized

New to OH and trying to get Z-Wave Binding (2.5) to recognize a Honeywell dimmer light switch. Have tried multiple time but keep getting Unknown Device. When I look at the properties everything seems to be there.

Can you say what “everything” is? It’s needed in order to understand your problem.

Sorry - seems property values are being pulled from the switch.

The device is in the database, and is also in the binding -:

Are you sure that you are running 2.5 and not the release version?

Ah…sorry, been reading too many posts and have versions dancing in my head. 2.4 is the binding version.

Ok, then if you update to version 2.5 of the binding, it should work.

Hate to ask without searching first - how do I update to 2.5.

If you just want to update the binding, then I think you can use the script in the post below -:

Otherwise, the easiest way to keep on top of changes (but there’s obviously more risk) is to run your system on the snapshot branch. Exactly how you do this will depend on what your install is, but it should be covered in the docs.

That worked! Thank you.

Updating also worked for me to get the dimmers recognized. However, I think they have some dimmer config that is missing. I think this is a direct match:

At the very bottom of the pdf:

Does that make sense? Should I submit a ticket to edit the DB?

Edit: Just realized this post is for ZW3004. I guess I’m hijacking a little then with ZW3005 although it seems the only difference is that 5 is paddle and 4 is toggle.