[SOLVED]Zwave: added new plugs, but they are in different groups

hi all

I use 6 NAS-WR01ZE Wall Plug with a z-stick gen5

four of them (9-12) are from the first batch that i had acquired one o two years ago
and two (14-15) were added some weeks ago after the fault of a plug (node13)

I do not understand why they stay apart in the graph below.

the sockets are very close, max dist.2-4 meters, but why are the nodes 14-15 in a separate branch?

Thanks in advance for your reply

That graph can be a little confusing and may not (well in your case can not) reflect reality.

This tries to explain z-wave routing

The probable reason it is so odd is that the heal may have failed. This is now reported as fixed in the latest release of the binding.

Even then it is worth considering that the diagram may still be missing connections that do work. The diagram reflects nodes reported during a heal. As the heal test for neighbours at -6db it does not necessarily get all nodes in range. It does get those that responded.

@robmac thanks for the very kind reply, I read the link and learned something new

Thanks again.