[SOLVED] [ZWave] Adding channel for SENSOR_MULTILEVEL value in AEON Labs Heavy Duty switch (zw078)


Some time ago I acquired an AEON Labs Heavy Duty Z-Wave switch (type: ZW078). While still running OpenHAB 1.x, I noticed incoming SENSOR_MULTILEVEL events in the debug logs which included a reading for the internal temperature of the device. In OH1, I could create an item by defining the class, sensor type and scale (zwave="xx:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_scale=0,sensor_type=1). After upgrading to OH2, the channel-method of configuring no longer allowed me to do this.

After searching around a bit, it seems that earlier firmware versions of the device did not yet support the built-in sensor, but a more recent update of the technical spec-document (https://aeotec.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/attachments/6052990296) does describe the sensor at paragraph 5.6:

5.6 Multilevel Sensor Command Class
Multilevel Sensor supported Sensor=01(temperature Sensor)
Supported scale: 0x00 (Celsius) and 0x01 (Fahrenheit)
Note: The temperature sensor only measures the internal temperature of product (Circuitboard).

Would it be possible to add a channel for the temperature sensor reading as part of the SENSOR_MULTILEVEL class for this device?

Link to database entry:
(I already created a ticket some time ago, but it seems to have gone unnoticed thus far :slight_smile: - ticket id: VX8xBJyKpZQ)

Thanks in advance and with kind regards,

Added and requested review.

Not sure how long it will take to come through to a release but you can always download and use.

Awesome! Thanks! :smiley: