[Solved] Zwave Binding stops working over night

edit: changed titel, Please read my last post here i reproduced the issue

hey guys im Running the latest snapshot with the new zwave binding on a pi3 And an aeon Stick gen5.

Im encountering some strange issues where some devices work perfectly fine an other seem to be able to receive updates from the controller but never update there corresponding items. All devices show up as online. I’m almost certain that it’s not an config issue as all devices are fibaro motion detectors. (Working an not working ones).

Now a general question came into mind. What is the preferred way of inclusion? With the stick the easiest way is to just run around include everything and then plug it into the pi an fire up the binding. Then wake all the battery devices once and you should be good to go. Or is it preferred to trigger the inclusion via openhab? I also have a aeon switch which seems to be completely dead. I can includ it but almost immediately goes to not communicating with the controller.

If you had any Things created before installing the latest snapshot did you see and follow the instructions from here? There are breaking changes in the zwave binding that requires the deletion and recreation of your Things.

If you have to do a secure inclusion then you have no choice but to include through PaperUI/Habmin. In all other cases I don’t think it matters one bit which way you do it.

Yes I saw that. It is an completely fresh openhab Ian install

Hey Guys,

I was able to reproduce this very weird issue. I did the following yesterday:

-Set up a fresh openhab 2.4 latest milestone build.
-Factory reset all Z-Wave Devices to start fresh.
-Included 3 Fibaro Motion Sensors, 1 Door sensor, 1 Humidity Sensor and a Smart switch
-Created Items
-Verified everything is working

This morning it all stopped working again. In Habmin all things are green and shown as online. But none of the Items to any of the things updates anymore. ( Tested with Motion Sensors and Door Sensor, smartswitch).
I can actually trigger the smart switch from the sitemap. But if I manually trigger it at the device itself it doesn’t update the item. The Smartswitch is the only Device which is not Battery powered.

I created 3 Logs:
Battery Device manual wakeup:
node3 manual wakeup

smartswitch switched via basicui:
node7 switched via basicui

smartswitch switched at the device
node 7 switched at device

for whatever reason, I could use the online zwave log analyzer.

Maybe @chris can help?

I restarted didn’t fix it either. But funny enough most items got populated once. I don’t know why but it was around 10:55 . I will attach the complete openhab log as well.
I also added two additional mains powered devices ( roller shutter). They seem to work for now

I’m afraid I’m not sure what the problem is that you’re reporting? From the log you provided, it seems that everything is ok - I didn’t look in huge detail, but I see state updates throughout this 6 hour log. I see door sensor updates that are not polled, so reporting seems to be working - at least in this log.

I just observed a strange event. I installed the Rest Documentation.
All of a sudden the Zwave Stick Thing goes offline, all things are deleted and all Zwave Things are offline.
A second later the Zwave Sticks comes back, other things come back and the links are recreated.
All items are updated through that process.

But after that same situation like before.

@chris : How should I start troubleshooting? Clean Logfile? Because to me, it looks like only polling is working.
Could it be that my zwave stick is acting up?

I have the feeling I’m going crazy :smiley:

I created two new clean logs. System was running yesterday for about two hours. I only see changes for items from the mains powered devices. Not a single one from 5 battery powered devices. AN there should have definatly been at least some motion and door events.


Anything you guys can read from that?
Any advices?

I think it has been fixed with a new zstick. Thanks all for the help.

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