[SOLVED] ZWave development on windows: Serial Error: Port {0} does not exist

I am in the process of setting up my OH2 eclipse dev environmnet on a new Windows 10 laptop in order to do some zwave development. Eclipse installation went smoothly and OH2 appears to start up cleanly.

But, I can’t get the zwave binding to recognize my Aeon Gen5 zwave controller stick. I have configured COM7 in PaperUI, but the controller shows as offline with the message Serial Error: Port {0} does not exist

I have installed the Aeon drivers and confirmed that COM7 is the proper port in Device Manager


Thanks in advance!

Try putting this into your environment variables: system variables, and reboot.


Thanks for the suggestion. I added this an environment variable in windows which didn’t work… but I got it working once I added it to the openHAB_Runtime it in eclipse: