[SOLVED] Zwave Device Jasco Products GE 14291 (ZW4005) unknown Device


I"m struggling to understand why two of my Zwave devices are unable to resolve. I paired two brand new GE 14291 (SW4005) switches with my OpenHab 2.0 running on a Raspberry PI 3.0 with the razberry z-wave card. I have several Leviton zwave devices that are working correctly installed on this system but have hit a roadblock with these GE devices. I get the following error:

"This device has not been fully discovered by the binding. There are a few possible reasons for this -:

The device is not in the database. If the device attributes show that this device has a valid manufacturer ID, device ID and type, then this is likely the case (eg. you see a label like "Z-Wave node 1 (0082:6015:020D::2.0)"). Even if the device appears to be in the database, some manufacturers use multiple sets of references for different regions or versions, and your device references may not be in the database. In either case, the database must be updated and you should raise an issue to get this addressed.
The device initialisation is not complete. Once the device is included into the network, the binding must interrogate it to find out what type of device it is. One part of this process is to get the manufacturer information required to identify the device, and until this is done, the device will remain unknown. For mains powered devices, this will occur quickly, however for battery devices the device must be woken up a number of times to allow the discovery phase to complete. This must be performed with the device close to the controller. "

I checked the Z wave Product database at http://www.cd-jackson.com, and there is an existing entry in the
openHAB-2 product file for Jasco Products GE 14291 (ZW4005) in the database. I checked out the zwave log viewer, and communication with the Node 4 switch appears to be flowing.

I reviewed the local XML file on the OpenHab created for node 4, one of the two switches installed node4.xml (7.0 KB)

and compared it to the Product File here http://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list/devicesummary/550?layout=openhab2

Manufacture and product ID seem to match, so I am at a loss on where to look next to figure out why the existing product can not be found. I’ve scoured the logs and the forums. I found the basic zwave troubleshooting documentation here (https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.ui.habmin/wiki/Z-Wave-Product-Database) but have not found any documentation on troubleshooting why an existing product does not register.

I was expecting to see a wrong value between the node XML and the product file, but with appropriate conversion from HEX values values seem to be correct and consistent. I double checked and updated System and Openhab modules to ensure I had the latest updates.

Any hints towards another place to look would be greatly appreciated!

I expect you’re just running an old version of the binding and I would suggest to update to the latest version which will hopefully solve your problem.


Thank you for your fast response.

I KNEW I had to be missing something simple. I had done a system update a couple of times as part of my troubleshooting, but had not done an upgrade to the 2.1.0 stable build.

Steps to FIX:

  1. sudo openhabian-config

  2. In the Config tool, I ran:

    Option 1: Update Configuration Tool,
    Option 2: Upgrade system,
    Option 3: Switch from openHab 2.0 to the 2.1 stable release.

  3. On reboot my Razberry Zwave controller was offline and could not find the serial port. To resolve, I had to edit


and insert


This line was in place before the upgrades, but appears to have been overwritten.

At that point everything works correctly. As a bonus, I had been struggling with some rules that now also magically work.