[SOLVED] Zwave Door Lock Reporting

I’m considering getting a Zwave lock for the house. One of the questions I have is, does the lock report to the controller which code unlocked the door? I’d like to log it, I guess I would need to create a rule of some sort but wanted to ask before pulling the trigger on a lock. I’m considering the Schlage FE599NX if that makes any difference.


I can’t say if all of them do but mine do. Though it doesn’t report the code, just the index of the code. For example, if the second code entered then it reports “Person 2”. You can see what gets reported and how it gets reported by looking up the device in the Zwave database https://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database.

I have a Kwickset something or other.

Look at this post from @5iver where there is a great example of parsing the alarm raw channel from a Schlage lock. I use a BE569, can’t say if the same code works with the FE599NX.