[solved] ZWave Honeywell TH8320ZW Heat energy savings setpoint

Using the OH 1.8 with ZWave binding 1.9.

Trying to read HEAT ENERGY SAVING SETPOINT from Honeywell TH8320ZW. This thermostat works well with OH.

I believe it’s a MANUFACTURER_SPECIFIC command class parameter.

If anyone has succeeded in a related exercise, please share guidance.
Also, if anyone could share an example of using MANUFACTURER_SPECIFIC, would be great.

Thanks in advance!

This command class isn’t a usable class - it is just used to report manufacturer specific data - not to do things like changing setpoints.

I’m not completely clear what you’re trying to do, but if you’re trying to set a setpoint, then the thermostat setpoint class is probably what you need?

Hah, a good point re manufacturer_specific command type, thanks for pointing out, Chris.
I misinterpreted what it is - just company/product info.
Please disregard the manufacturer_specific part of the question.

Let me clarify what I’m looking for:

This thermostat has “Energy Saving” (i.e. Econo) mode. During the installation setup, an Energy Saving Heat Setpoint can be entered (else there is a default) - it’s the temperature setting the thermostat follows when THERMOSTAT_MODE set to 11 = “Heat Econ”. It’s different from the thermostat setpoint, the latter is meant to be controlled by the front side buttons or via automation s/w, works well in my OH. The former (the one I’m trying to read in OH) is really a static configuration setting, probably not meant to be changed by automation s/w but merely read so the user would know what it is when the mode is changed to Econo.

I’m asking if anyone knows what class and command to read this setting are.


P.S. FWIW, manual - https://customer.honeywell.com/resources/techlit/TechLitDocuments/69-0000s/69-2486.pdf
Page 9, setting 0615.

Despite the fact that they don’t seem to be reported in the device scan, you could try one of the following setpoints… This would seem to be the logical way to set the setpoint (which doesn’t mean much I know :wink:)

    11: Heating Economical
    12: Cooling Economical
    13: Away Heating

Since they bury those setpoints in the setup menus, I’m guessing they are
not exposing them via zwave. I have two of them and have not seen any of
the energy saving setpoints be advertised when we poll them (and I have
done a ton of debugging). Does the thermostat initialize OK for you in
general? Mine report two additional setpoints, FURNACE and DRY_AIR , but
will not send a response if polled for these, causing the binding to
assume the device is not working. I have a hacky workaround, but was
wondering what your experience is.

@ Chris

A brilliant guess, Chris, thanks - setpoint_type=11 it is! Works the same way as a “regular” setpoint, i.e. it is reported and settable via zwave. Perfect, thanks!

@ Dan

My experience with TH8320ZW is very positive. I tested several brands/models and concluded this one is the best ZW-stat on the market functionally, albeit very obsolete looking. I have hot water heat (boiler), 5 heating zones. No issues with general setup, consistent across all 5 stats. In my setup (setting 0170: System Type = 3) I wouldn’t see furnace/air settings, yet all FHW related settings work well.

I sense Chris’ hint may render workarounds unnecessary. Since it works for at least 2 types of setpoints, you should be able to get/set other setpoint types.

Thanks again, guys