[SOLVED] [ZWAVE] Lumi switch LM-SxZW showing as Unknown Device

Hello friends and @chris,

I have recently purchased 10 Lumi switches LM-SxZW for my new home in hope to use them with OpenHAB. Unfortunately, I tried to add them to the OpenHAB today and they showed up as Unknown Devices.

I read on another forum post about the database website for adding new hardware switches, but I’m not really a programmer, so it’s quite difficult for me to understand what to do.

This is the switch I want to add:
The information on the Lumi website says it’s a Zigbee switch but they also have a Z-Wave version.

I would like to add two versions of the switch:

  1. with 4 on/off light switches.
  2. with 2 on/off light switches and 2 up/down blinds switches.

Can anyone assist?

The title says Z-Wave but the link says these are Zigbee devices. They will not work with the Z-Wave binding.

If you tried one of each type of device, the xml files generated by OH non the userdata zwave directory help when adding to the device database.

The instructions are here under the heading Adding New Devices.

Hi @Bruce_Osborne, thanks for your comment.
The website says Zigbee, but they actually also have the same switch with Z-Wave.
Here is a photo to show.

OK, then the rest of my post applies
If you get stuck, let us know. I am working to try & correct a lot of database errors from those who dd not ask.
I am still learning some of the complexities of our sell designed system.

I will try to add the xml file to the database once I get an approval to edit information on the database.
I opened a ticket about this, but my edit rights were not updated yet.

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@Chris will get to it, I expect.

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I got the edit approval and I tried to define a new device. However I got this error message after I tried to submit the xml:

1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘95,1,1,2571)’ at line 3

I don’t know what to do next.

You need to add all the information to the database - parameters, general data, upload manuals, picture, stuff like that…


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I will try to get a copy of the manual from the seller tomorrow.
I don’t know what information I should fill for these: Device Overview, Inclusion Information, Exclusion Information.

I filled out their online form asking for the manual. Their support manual page is broken.
Device Overview is just a summary description of the device.
Inclusion Information is what you need to to to add the switch to the Z-Wave network.
Exclusion Information is how to remove it from the network.

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Thanks for the explanation.
I filled device overview and inclusion information.
I need to check with the seller about exclusion information.

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great job for a new guy Miki!
thank you for contributing!


Many thanks, Andrew.
Reading the documentation on the forum, @chris ‘s website, and other users’ answers really helps :slight_smile:


Hi @chris

I created and uploaded to your website a PDF file for the switch’s Manual using the Vietnamese documentation that was on Lumi’s website. I translated the Vietnamese text using Google Translate and added URL references directing to the original texts on Lumi’s website.

I think I also finished adding all other missing info you requested.

Let me know if it’s ok.


Something went wrong, there is no manual:


Thanks for noticing.
I uploaded again and now it’s showing.

The seller just sent me the official manual in English. So I uploaded that too.


Great! You did a very good job with the information you had.
I see the English manual has the association group information too. It is probably easier for me to add it since it is mixed up with other things in the manual.


Ok, should I do anything now or will you be adding the device instead of me?

I will go ahead and add the association groups later today.
The entry then needs to be reviewed and it is ready for the next time Chris updates the binding. You should then be able to install the snapshot binding on your current OpenHAB version.

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